TULLIP is a young and fresh artist from Mo i Rana, and with his two producers makes experimental rap. 

TULLIP is now chasing his music dream in Oslo. TULLIP released his first EP, “BLOMST”, at the beginning of the corona era. Then came “ROLIGE TIDER” and a number of singles. These days, TULLIP is releasing a new EP – BRANNFARLIG AVFALL and new songs.The first single from the his new EP is called Aksel Hennie. 

Tullip delivers a show both visually and with a musical distinctiveness. TULLIP’S music is in a land between hiphop and punk/rock. The music is a good mix between playful lyrics, rhyme and flow, combined with a variety of hard 808sbeats to hard uptempo industrial soundscape, raw and gritty guitar riffs that take us into a punk / rock world, before TULLIP switches it up with a calm and deep reflective lyrics that are about himself, with a melody and rhythms that hit us right into the heart. 

Versatility, variety, presence and communication are the key words that define the artist known as TULLIP